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Written by Graham Reynolds   
Saturday, 12 October 2013 08:44

Two articles appeared in the Times on 15-11-13 (pages 11 and 59) reporting on fraud by intimidation of elderly women. A similar crime has recently occurred in Finham so be aware, and if you have an elderly neighbour living alone, please warn them, especially if they do not have access to the internet. This type of fraud has been going on in London during the last two years with 2229 victims and £2.4M being lost. It is now spreading nationally.
Criminals posing as Bank officials or police call,

usually by telephone and often late at night, to say their bank account is under attack. To prevent further attack they tell her that she must empty her account and a courier will call to collect her cards and PINs. Some victims have even been threaten with arrest for refusing to hand over cards and PINS. The call is usually on her landline, and to make the fraud convincing a number to call the bank for verification is given. They appear to hang up, but stay on the line so that when the victim tries to call the bank she speaks to another criminal posing as a bank employee.
To avoid obligation to refund fraud, banks can sometimes allege negligence on the part of the victim.
Ofcom has stated that police and banks will never ask for bankcards and PINs, and recommends hanging up and calling the police (101) by another line or allow at least 5 minutes for the land line to clear.
Some victims have been left penniless from these frauds ,one victim lost £244,000.


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