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Monday, 23 March 2009 14:01

Dear Residents,

This has been a very active year and on your behalf, I thank all of the members who have given their time and effort to deal with a variety of concerns and objectives. I extend this to include the wide range of collaborative support that we have received from other resident groups and various external organisations and agencies.  These would be too numerous to name individually but hopefully can be inferred from the following listed points.
1. The Coventry Core Strategy and its plans for King's Hill have changed somewhat in that a new Coventry Core Strategy is being developed but this one is confined to areas within the city's boundaries and there is now a strong resistance from CCC to build on Green Belt land. King's Hill falls within the jurisdiction of Warwick District Council (WDC) and we maintain links with WDC. Coventry City Council (CCC) owns Green Belt land just over the Coventry border in WDC but CCC has promised that it would not sell the land for development purposes. However, we must maintain close interest in Core Strategies and the links with like minded resident groups. Please continue to be alert and report back any indications of new planning applications and/or building work.

2. Last year, we highlighted the need to concentrate on our Finham bus services 
(15 and 54) in order to improve social contact and the quality of life of our residents. This meant that we were in a position to participate in the public consultation process when Centro decided to carry out the Coventry Bus Review.

The decisions taken in the Coventry Bus Review were only revealed publicly on February 11th and introduced on 26th February 2012. They contained many route and schedule changes, the effects of removing buses from Broadgate and its remodelling, removing established traffic control systems from the City Centre and the establishment of Shared Public Places. Taking the fact that the change in bus provision was an overnight operation, there had to be some teething problems and fine tuning.

We have tried to update you on the developing situation and had hoped to include a more comprehensive, hard copy guide to our bus services. However, the delays in starting the new services made this impossible. We intend to put out new information on our web-site www.finham.org.uk and send out 'FRA Updates' to those who have submitted their email address.

Currently, there are two serious areas of concern in the new system which need to be resolved:-
         (i) the absence of a clock-wise loop within Finham

        (ii) the repercussions from the traffic blocking at University Hospital which impact on the reliability of the new 9 and 9A services.

I have drawn a sketch map to show the operators' suggested way of making the present 'anti-clockwise only' No.9 bus service enable return journeys to be made within Finham.
Take the No.9 to the 'Erithway Road' bus stop (on St. Martins Road)  and the walk passed the Harvester to the bus stop on Kenpas Highway where you catch a No.9 from town and go to the terminus at the top of Green Lane and thence continue on that bus through Finham until you reach your destination.

This is easily said but there is a 250 yard walk involved and many of our residents cannot manage this. Also there is an additional bus journey needed and there is the additional time involved in waiting for a No. 9 bus from town, lengthening to total journey time to make it less attractive.

The overwhelming feeling is that a clockwise service should be introduced through Finham  through an addition to either the No.9 or the No.9A routes.

However, there are distinct improvements in the new proposals that benefit us all.
While we appreciate the initial difficulties of the change of service, it is what we have to work with initially. We have to demonstrate our need to have a  good and relevant bus service and work towards refining it to become this. With the buses, it is a case of 'use it or lose it'.
You need to be prepared to put your concerns forward as individuals and explain the exact situation that you were concerned about.. The FRA will continue to lobby for Finham as a whole but the bus companies need to hear individual concerns.

We thank the agencies concerned for their co-operation and support. We intend to raise and maintain the reliability of our bus service by regular feed-back.

3. A free phlebotomy service has just started on Friday 25th February at Lloyds Pharmacy at 48 Kenpas Highway. It runs from 09.10 to 11.50 hours on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. It is hoped to extend the service to include Thursday mornings in the future.  Please book your appointment (tel: 024 7641 8786).

4. FRA Committee Meetings are normally arranged on the 4th Monday of each month and held in the library of Finham Park School. (CV3 6EA). Members may also attend.

 5. Wainbody Ward (Councillor) Forums are arranged four times a year and run from 19:00 hours until 21.00 hours.  The venue changes as can the date. They usually occur on a Tuesday or Wednesday. The last meeting was at Styvechale Grange Primary School on Tuesday 6th March.  The date and venue for the next meeting has not been set but it will be towards the end of May. These meetings are open to all residents. Details are available from Coventry City Council on 024 7678  5535 or email to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

6. Wainbody Ward Safer Neighbourhood Group (every month) –FRA representatives  attend but other residents can do so by arrangement.  These are arranged on the first Tuesday of every month at Canley Fire Station and start at 10:30 hours. Details are available from Coventry City Council on 024 7683 2978 or email to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

7. Coventry Transport Users’ Forum (run by Centro) – approximately four meetings a year normally held in Coventry's Council Chamber and start at 18:00 hours. Open to all residents. The next meeting is on Tuesday 27th March (the day after our AGM). Further details on www.centro.org.uk or enquiries to  0121 214 7505 or  by email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it         .

8. Subscriptions – In the current economic climate, we have decided not to alter the FRA subscription this year, which remains at £2 for a household with one or more wage earners in it and £1 for households where no-one is a wage earner.

9.Roundspersons – We desperately need more people to help to cover the 21 rounds in Finham. Please make yourself known to the Committee.

10. Pupil participation – Pupils at Finham Primary School have been studying their local environment, have identified several areas of concern and put forward suggestions for possible improvements. Their main concern is the total lack of play facilities in Finham.  The pupils are well aware of the value of the existing Green Belt. Another of their main concerns is the amount of dog-dirt left by irresponsible owners.

11. Dog fouling and the disposal of faeces – Unremoved dog faeces is causing an obvious problem in Finham. Concern has been relayed to the City Council enforcement team who have the power to impose fines. To report an incident, ring the Council's freephone number 0500 834 333.
There is a second problem in that City Council have decided suitably wrapped ‘donations’ can be put into any litter bin. However, these bins overflow at times and with this material in a bin, it becomes unhygienic for children putting their sweet wrappers in, etc. It would be nicer if dog owners put this material in their own dustbins to minimise problems.

12.HS2- It is obvious that this is another example of the word 'public consultation' having a new meaning ' tell them what is going to happen', i.e., another imposed decision with no prior public consultation. It is not only expensive, noisy, currently planned to go through Green Belt and agricultural areas and does nothing positive for Coventry and neither for most other places along the line. In fact, current conventional rail services between Coventry and London are planned to be reduced to one third of the present level as part of the HS2 plan. The current route proposal goes through Stoneleigh Park and just south of Stoneleigh Road, i.e. between Coventry and Kenilworth but probably will be heard by all. We are monitoring the situation but have to hope that financial sense prevails.

13. TV Reception Since receiving full strength digital signals, we have not received complaints of residents experiencing poor reception.

14. Coventry Airport – Follow a change of ownership, no information has been received as to the full implications but we are keeping a weather eye open. The application for a development centre was turned down by the government.

15. Alvis Sports Club – Residents are reminded that the Club will welcome residents from Finham to become members. You do not have to be connected to the Alvis firm.

16. Secretarial – Kathy Boulton has been undertaking some of the secretarial duties and is now Deputy Secretary. She herself has been supported by Ann Bush and Graham Reynolds. Thank You All.

17. Childrens' Play Facilities within Finham. This subject is being actively pursued but no positive results, as yet. (See item 10 above)

18. 377 Green Lane - Fast food takeaway is closed and is said to have been sold for the same purpose.

19. Rebuilding of the Robins & Day Peugeot Garage – please beware of heavy lorries using the corner of the A45/ Leamington Road roundabout and the danger of mud from the site getting onto the public road system.

20. Coventry City Council's  'Coventry citivision'
This is a three monthly, free glossy brochure which details the activities of the Council, its work with residents and is a source of useful contact information. A copy should be delivered to each household in Coventry. The next edition should start to be delivered on Monday 5th March and be completed by Sunday 25th March. If you fail to receive your citivision, please ring the Council House on 024 7683 1081 and report that fact. A copy should then be sent out to you.

21.A45/A46 Toll Bar Island . The proposed improvements have been expedited by the Government. No further details known.

Best regards,
Bob Fryer (President).

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