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Kings Hill Planning Applications - June 2019 Print E-mail
Written by Sue Jones   
Friday, 21 June 2019 21:14

Dear Residents,

As you know there are two planning applications from the Developers regarding Kings Hill.

The Coventry City Council planning application FUL/2018/0842 is on line at - www.coventry.gov.uk/info/107/planning.  The closing date is June 29th 2019

Warwick District Council has resurrected a 2018 Application No. W/18/0643 with a closing date of 2nd July 2019 which can be viewed on line – https://www.warwickdc.gov.uk/planningdocuments

Both planning departments say that previous responses will be included. However, we feel that everyone needs to respond again but concentrating on the issues of traffic congestion and air pollution.

Below are some points that you may wish to use in your response.

I object to the Planning Application FUL/2018/0842 (CCC) or W/18/0643 (WDC) on the following grounds:-

  1. No access onto Green Lane should be permitted as it is already congested with existing local traffic.
  2. All access to the site should be from the Stoneleigh Road because the development is within Warwickshire’s Local Plan.
  3. Green Lane must not be used as a route onto site for construction vehicles.
  4. The proposed access point next to the Primary School should not be permitted because it will create traffic hazards and increase Air Pollution.
  5. The air pollution survey is vague and cannot predict the effect of up to 8,000 extra vehicles into the area which pose a health hazard for the residents of Finham.
  6. It is stated that Air Quality will remain within acceptable limits after the development is complete.  Where is the data from CCC to substantiate this?  Diffusion tubes should have been in place on the roads in question for a long period to give an accurate base line.
  7. The proposals state that two access road junctions are partly located in CCC.  These junctions are entirely on CCC land. The only part in WDC is the boundary ancient hedge which the developers plan to remove sections of for the access points.
  8. There are trees within the hedge and along Green Lane that have TPO (Tree Preservation Orders) orders in place.
  9. Meetings have been held throughout with Councils, Highways England and Arup. There was no local engagement which would have given a more secure background to the proposals based on local knowledge and actual use of the roads.
  10. The proposed site has insufficient green space between Coventry boundary and Warwickshire.  In fact the proposals remove any green divide between Coventry and Warwickshire.
  11. The local population expressed concern about traffic and water issues. Again these concerns have been ignored.  They are mentioned in the EA but the housing levels and density will add to an already existing problem.
  12. At the three consultation meetings, Finham residents raised their concerns about the Kings Hill development. Issues such as poor infrastructure and traffic congestion. There are no plans to reassure residents that anything will be done to mitigate this current and future problem.
  13. These concerns were acknowledged by the developers but the planning application shows disregard for the issues that were raised.
  14. In a letter to WDC dated 21-11-2018, Highways England Asset Manager Richard Timothy, recommended that ‘planning permission not be granted for a specified period (see Annex A – further assessment required).
  15. Annex A lists areas of concern about traffic, pollution and drainage.  They were raised in 2016 in the Summary and Conclusion as follows;
    1. The TA (traffic assessment) assessed the traffic impacts of the development proposals on the SRN, Strategic Road Network) however, the transport evidence was based on the premise that Phase 1 of the A46 Link Road scheme is a committed scheme. As Highway England considered there is uncertainty around scheme delivery a sensitivity test needs to be undertaken by the applicant to consider the traffic impacts of the application proposals without the A46 Link Road scheme. Furthermore, the third site access proposed to the south of the site at the existing Stoneleigh Road/Kings Hill Lane junction, particularly in the absence of the A46 Link Road scheme, is of concern to Highways England as it is likely to exacerbate congestion locally, posing a risk to SRN operation. Highways England Planning Response (HEPR 16-01) January 2016
  16. In 2018 Highways England was still not satisfied that these concerns had been rectified.
  17. Until the A46 Link Road Scheme is completed there should be no permitted development on Kings Hill because Highways England states it ‘is likely to exacerbate congestion locally’.
  18. Before any permission is granted the CCC should;
  • Take continuous traffic flow readings in St Martins Road, Green Lane and Howes Lane over a three month period.
  • Use diffusion tubes along these roads to produce an independent and accurate base line to predict the impact of 4,500 houses and up to 8,000 extra cars.

I hope this is helpful to you

Kind regards


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Kings Hill Outline Planning Permission Print E-mail
Written by Sue Jones   
Wednesday, 09 May 2018 12:00

Appl. No: W/18/0643
App. Type: Outline Planning Permission
Location: Land at Kings Hill Lane, Stoneleigh
Parish: Stoneleigh
Grid Ref: 431,378.00 / 274,158.00
Ward: Stoneleigh & Cubbington

Received: 29/03/2018

Proposal: Site clearance and mixed-use development of land at Kings Hill for the provision of up to 2,500 dwellings (Use Class C3), 4,000 sq.m. of mixed use floorspace (Use Classes A1, A3, A4, C2, D1 and D2) in a district centre, a primary school, a secondary school, formal and informal open space and enabling infrastructure including new roads within the site and improvements to the existing road junction at Stoneleigh Road.

Applicant: Lioncourt Strategic Land Limited,
Lioncourt Homes (Development No.17)

Agent: Savills
55 Colmore Row
B3 2AA
Agent Name: Mr Michael Davies
Agent Tel: 01216348436

Case Officer: Lucy Hammond
Officer Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Kings Hill - Public Meeting 24th April 2017 Print E-mail
Written by Sue Jones   
Tuesday, 28 March 2017 10:58


Finham Parish Council
Finham Residents Association

will be holding a
Monday April 24th 2017 at

Finham Primary School, Green Lane
7pm - 9pm

This is an update and information sharing event:-

A chance to update you on the modifications to the Warwick District Council Local Plan, the implications for us all and to listen to your ideas of what to do next.


So that we can work together for


Questions can also be sent prior to the meeting to;
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Kings Hill Final Application Statement Print E-mail
Written by Sue Jones   
Sunday, 15 April 2018 13:37

Dear Residents

Below is an attachment with  two links to the WDC planning website.

They show the documents (36!!!!) that are from the developers outlining proposal.

The second link will take you to a 51 page document that shows the Final outline proposal.

This is NOT a planning application but will give us all an insight to what the pans may be.

We will need to be ready to object or agree  to planning applications as they come in - we will have 21 days from the date that they are put in to WDC.  We will advise when we have details.

If you come across any further information please let us know.

Kind regards



Shows 36 documents on WDC website.


This shows the Application Planning Statement.

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Kings Hill 2/Gibbet Hill/Finham Print E-mail
Written by Sue Jones   
Friday, 03 June 2016 16:33

You need to be aware that the land marked for development by Warwick District Council no longer centres just on Kings Hill.  It now extends from Green Lane in the north to Stoneleigh Road in the South and from the railway line in the west to the A46 in the east.

The proposal appears to include Wainbody Wood but this does not necessarily mean that they will be able to remove the woodland, it is just showing the parcel of land under consideration.

The full details of the New Local Plan can be found on http://www.warwickdc.gov.uk/info/20410/new_local_plan

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